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Now that you have identifed your dosha type, it is time to determine whether your current lifestyle sustains and nurtures a balanced mind-body state. To achieve and maintain a vibrant and joyful state of health you must live to nurture the dynamic state of balance between mind, body and environment. These questions are intended to assess your current life situation, including any stresses, illnesses or life changes.

Answer these questions according to what is most true for you now or since this new stress or pattern has emerged and we will give you the tools to get your dosha back to balance.

Using the following scale, indicate how well each statement applies to your life experiences over the past few months.

1. I've been feeling worried or anxious.
2. I've been having difficulty falling asleep or have been awakening easily.
3. I've been feeling restless or uneasy.
4. I've been acting impulsively or inconsistently.
5. I've been more forgetful than usual.
Vata Mind Score:
6. My daily schedule of eating meals, going to sleep or awakening has been inconsistent from day to day.
7. My digestion has been irregular with gas or bloating.
8. My bowel movements have been hard, dry or occurring less than once per day.
9. My skin has been dry or flaky.
10. I've been having a number of physical concerns.
Vata Body Score:
11. I've been feeling irritable or impatient.
12. I've been feeling critical and intolerant.
13. I've been behaving compulsively with difficulty stopping once I've started a project.
14. I've been strongly opinionated, freely sharing my point of view without being asked.
15. I've been feeling frustrated with other people.
Pitta Mind Score:
16. My skin has felt hot and irritable, or has been breaking out easily.
17. Spicy foods, while I might enjoy them, have not been agreeing with me.
18. I've been having acid indigestion or heartburn.
19. I've been feeling overheated, have had a low grade fever, or have been having hot flashes.
20. My bowels have been loose or moving more than twice per day.
Pitta Body Score:
21. I've been dealing with conflict by withdrawing.
22. I've been accumulating more clutter than usual in my life.
23. I've been maintaining my routine and feeling resistant to changing my pace.
24. I've been having difficulty leaving a relationship, job, or situation even though it is no longer nourishing me.
25. I've been spending more times watching than participating in athletic activity.
Kapha Mind Score:
26. I've been holding onto extra pounds.
27. I've been having difficulty getting going in the morning.
28. My digestion has been slow, or I've been feeling heavy after a meal.
29. I've had sinus congestion or excessive phlegm in my respiratory tract.
30. I've been feeling drowsy or sluggish after meals.
Kapha Body Score:

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